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  2. My prayer He, who has subdued his passions and desires, who has realized the secret of Universe in entirety; Who has discovered upon the teaching of Right Path of liberation for the benefit of all in a quite unselfish manner; Who is variously termed Budha, Mahavir, Jina, Hari, Hara, Brahma and self; In Him, imbued with deep devotion, may this mind (of mine) eternally dwell ! Those who have no longing left for sense produced pleasure; Who are rich in quality of equanimity; Who are day and night engaged in encompassing the good of all-their own as well as of others; Who undergo the severe penance of self-effacement without finding-such Enlightened Saints, verily, conquer the pain and misery of mundane existence ! May I always associate with with such aforesaid Holy men; May my mind be constantly occupied with their contemplation; May the longing of my heart be always to tread in their footsteps; May I also never cause pain to any living being; May I never utter untruth; and May I never covet the wealth or wife of another! May I ever drink the nectar of contentment ! With pride may I never be elated, angry may I feel with none; The sight of another's luck may not make me envious with his lot; May my desire be ever for dealings fair and straight, and may my heart only delight in doing good to others to the best of my abilities all the days of my life ! May I always entertain a feeling of friendliness for all living beings in the world; May the spring of sympathy in my heart be ever bubbling for those in agony and affliction; may I never fell angry with the vile, the vicious and the wrongly-directed; May there be such an adjustment of things sealing with them ! May my heart ever overflow with love at the sight of virtuous men; May this mind (of mine) rejoice always in serving them to the utmost of its power; May I be never ungrateful; May jealousy never approach me; May my longing be always for assimilating the virtues of others; and May the eyes never alight on their faults ! Whether people speak of me well or ill; Whether wealth comes to me or departs; Whether I live to be hundreds of thousand years old; Or I give up the ghost this day; Whether any one holds out any kind of fear; Or with worldly riches he tempts me; In the face of all these possible things may my footsteps swerve not from the path of truth ! With pleasure may the mind be not puffed up; Let pain disturb it never; May the awesome loneliness of a mountain, forest or river, Or a burning place, never cause it a shiver. Unmoved, unshakable, firmness may it grow adamantine, And display true moral strength when parted from the desired thing, or united with what is undesired ! May happiness be the lot of all; May distress come near none; Giving up hatred, sin and pride; May the world pour forth one continuous eternal beam of delight; May Dharma become the main topic of conversation in every household; May evil cease to be easily-wrought; May increase of wisdom and merit of works, May men realize the purpose of human life Moksha ! May distress and suffering no longer exist, May it rain in time; May the king also be righteously inclined; And impartially administer justice to the subjects; May disease, epidemics and famines cease; May people live in peace; May the exalted Ahimsa dharma prevail; And the Gospel of mercy - Ahimsa Parmo Dharma (not injuring anyone is the highest religion) become the source of good to all ! May there be mutual love in the world; May delusion dwell at a distance; May no one ever utter unpleasant speech; Or words that arte harsh, with his tongue; May men, heroes of the time; Whole-heartedly work in the country's cause; May all understand the Laws of Truth; And joyfully sorrow and suffering endure Om, Peace, Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti !

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