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Ācārya Kumudacandra’s Kalyāņamandira Stotra – Adoration of Lord Pārśvanātha आचार्य कुमुदचन्द्र विरचित कल्याणमन्दिर स्तोत्र (श्री पार्श्वनाथ स्तोत्र) 1.0.0

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About This File

Editor and Translator: Vijay K. Jain

Language Note: Sanskrit, Hindi and English

Publisher: Vijay Kumar Jain, January 2024

Description: 22 + 74 p. (total 96 p.); 23 x 16 x .8 cm

ISBN: 978-93-6076-239-1

Format: Book; Paperback, on Art paper

Price: Rs. 250.00

About the Book:

Kalyāņamandira Stotra (Pārśvanātha Stotra) is the magnum opus composition of Ācārya Kumudacandra (circa 12th century VS). Kalyāņamandira Stotra eulogizes the supreme attributes of Lord Pārśvanātha, the twenty-third Tīrthaṅkara. This is perhaps the most well-known adoration of Lord Pārśvanātha that is not only recited but memorized, with great devotion and reverence, by many among the Jaina community, both Digambara and Śvetāmbara.

The worthy soul is believed to accumulate enormous propitiousness by reading Kalyāņamandira Stotra with devotion. Many claim to have benefitted miraculously from the recitation of and reflection on this sacred composition.

This slim volume is a useful reference text for international readers. It will be of interest not only to the Hindi-loving scholars but also to those looking for an authentic English rendering of Kalyāņamandira Stotra.

Besides other useful information, the book’s Preface contains a brief life story of Lord Pārśvanātha, as expounded in the Scripture. The interesting and eye-opening sequence of the enmity carried forward by various incarnations of Kamaṭha (finally, Śambara deva) against his then-younger brother Marubhūti (finally, Lord Pārśvanātha), is also provided in a tabular form.

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