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  2. Purpose of the game : Gain three clarity cards, reduce the karmas to ten or less and enter the path towards omniscience (enlightened state). The Game Life's learning lessons through a game. Access the Superpowers, learn to Meditate under Ashoka tree, gain Clarity which is Super Clear Perception and become Omniscient! Let's ride the path of freedom from karmas! Play this wonderful and very unique game to understand how karmas get added and deleted in our life. The game is based on ancient wisdom understood as Jnaan (Knowledge) Maarganna (finding ourselves). We have immense powers and wisdom. But we have forgotten how to access those powers. The Freedom Ride Game allows access to our powers by deleting the unwanted stuff! What does this mean? We have entangled ourselves into the never-ending pursuit of accumulating more and more stuff as if it could bring us happiness. We accumulate karmas in day to day living and make ourselves prone to losing our souls. However, there is only one way out.... play the game to find out how! हिन्दी मे खेल के नियम
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