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    Arpana Jain

    The hymn of invocation

    Namo Arihantanam

    I bow in veneration to Arihantas (the destroyers of our inner enemies viz., Karmas).

    Namo Siddhanam

    I bow in veneration to Siddhas. (The souls that are perfect through the destruction of the Karmas.)

    Namo Ayariyanam

    I bow in veneration to Acharyas (The Head Sadhus of the four- fold Jain Sangh).

    Namo Uvajjhayanam

    I bow in veneration to Upadhyayas (The learned Sadhus who illustrate the Scriptures).

    Namo loye savva sahunam

    I bow in veneration to all Sadhus in the world. (Those who are pursuing the path of Moksha or salvation.)

    Eso pancha namukkaro

    Savva pävappanäsano

    Mangalänam cha savvesim

    Padhamam havai mangalam

    This five-fold salutation destroys all sins and is the most auspicious one amongst all auspicious things.


    This is the greatest hymn of invocation in Jainism. Every follower of Jainism repeats this hymn with devotion. This is the most efficacious hymn.

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