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    Arpana Jain

    Time has mainly two phases, namely, Avasarpini the phase of decline and Utsarpini the phase of evolution. Avasarpini means that phase of time in which there takes place a gradual decline. During this phase, age, body, strength, happiness, etc., decline. On the contrary, during the phase called Ursarpini which means the time of progress and development, happiness, strength, body etc., attain progress. When the Utsarpini phase reaches its highest limit, the Avsarpini phase commences and when the Avasarpirni phase reaches its highest limit the Utsarpini commences. This cycle of time has to keep revolving thus. There is no end whatsoever to the revolution of this wheel. That is why, it has been named the wheel of time. Each of these phases has 6 aspects; and each aspect is known as Ara or an arc - wheel of time.

    1. Susham Susham Kal the phase of absolute happiness.
    2. Susham Kal the phase of happiness.
    3. Susham Dusham Kal the phase of much happiness and some sorrow.
    4. Dusham Susham Kal the phase of much sorrow and some happiness.
    5. Dusham Kal the phase of sorrow.
    6. Dusham Dusham Kal the phase of absolute sorrow.

    All of us are at present in the fifth phase called Dusham, the phase of sorrow.

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